Darren Graziano Clinic 2019

May 10th-12th

It is with great enthusiasm that The Knight Fox CO. is presenting, once again, a clinic with Darren Graziano, American grand prix rider, trainer, coach and salesman. Owner of D. G Venture Inc. for 20 years, Darren is no stranger to the equestrian world and is equally present in both hunter and jumper disciplines.

Darren has been succeeding from an early age, his natural talent allowing him to participate in the top level of our sport, the Grand Prix. His career touts numerous wins. Training with legends such as George Morris, Ronnie Beard, Tim Grubb and Michael Henaghan has given him a vast pool of knowledge. In addition, Darren himself has coached other professionals such as Canadian Ainsley Vince and Darin Dlin, qualifying them both for the World Cup Final. Today Darren winters in West Palm Beach, Florida and competes on the East Coast of the United States in the summer.

During this event, you will benefit from Darren’s years of experience and hands on approach. As with all Knight Fox equestrian events, this is a spectator focused educational symposium.


During the clinic Darren will be addressing you, the audience, and not just the riders. He will be available to answer any of your questions. This event is recognized by Cheval Québec for updating hours for coaches. It is a must-see for all riders and all those who are passionate about their discipline. We are confident that this clinic will be of value to both riders and spectators. Join us for a weekend of immersion in EQUESTRIAN sport.



Darren Graziano

Darren Graziano is a familiar face in every aspect of the Hunter/ Jumper Equestrian world. As the proprietor of D.G. Venture Inc. for over 20 years now, Darren has achieved success as a rider, trainer, salesman and horseman.

Darren’s riding career began at the early age of four and with coaches such as the highly respected Michael Henaghan, made his way up the pony ranks. After winning all three phases of the Pony Medal and successfully bringing three different ponies to Pony of the Year, Darren was ready to move up to the large pony division. Impressively he was the only rider allowed to have a pony at Hunterdon where he was coached by living legend George Morris.

He continued on into the equitation divisions, adding renowned equestrian Tim Grubb to his list of trainers and won the Regional Maclay Finals at the age of 15. At age 16, Darren made the switch to jumpers and started with coach Ronnie Beard. In 1990, Darren won both the team and individual gold medals at the Young Riders championships for the United States with teammates Mclain Ward, Nicole Shahinian and Hank Michen. The winning continued in his final year as a junior, winning the red ribbon (blue in the States) at the 25,000$ Festival of Champions Young Riders class and the Winter Equestrian Festival Finale Grand Prix of Tampa.

Starting as a young professional in the sport, Darren chose to be a rider and assistant to Norman Dello Joio while attending Northwood College in West Palm Beach, Florida and Seaton Hall College in New Jersey where he received his B.A. in business management. The next step for Darren was to start his own business. At age 21, he created D.G. Venture Inc. At that same time he was also developing a horse by the name of “Kinetic”. Though considered a long shot, Kinetic’s first Grand Prix was a $60,000 World Cup Qualifier in Quebec, which they ended up winning. He and Kinetic went on to many successes including second a number of times in the Fidelity Classic $50,000 Grand Prix and second in a large $75,000 HITS Grand Prix.

After these accomplishments, Darren’s primary goal became expanding his business and it was at this time that he found his true talent for sales. His specialized approach to sales was very appreciated by his professional peers, their clients and his own clients; he became known for matching the right horses with the right riders. And it was during this matching process that Darren realized how much he enjoyed teaching. Darren had always enjoyed developing young horses so he soon started helping other professionals with young horse classes and continued helping them right up to the to Grand Prix level. Some of the pros include well known riders Ainsley Vince and Darin Dlin whom Darren helped at multiple World Cups.

By this point, Darren realized that you cannot sell, AND teach, AND develop young horses, AND ride at the highest levels of the sport and give 110 percent to each aspect. He now primarily focuses on teaching, horse development specific to the rider, and sales with an array of students including clients and other professionals. Darren resides in Wellington Florida for the winter circuit and New York in the summers while horse showing up and down the east coast.